Digital Commerce is defined as the electronic selling and buying of goods however it goes further than that, nowadays technology is having a tremendous influence in our lives; currently we are having to deal with the fact that a large share of market economy is being done electronically. The Internet now gives us the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of products, as toys, clothes, cars, food, etc yet this faces a problem as illegal goods are being sold as well and this makes Digital Commerce something to think about. The access to almost any products makes us wonder about the legal and illegal acts that could be done simply by trading on the net. The point of this explanation is to make others aware, specially young students that the electronic commerce might be dangerous thus at the same time might be useful, it is important to know how to commerce electronically correctly. The rise of the digital economy does not change the issue of right and wrong, but it does enhance the user’s access to buying and selling goods, which magnifies the issue of illegal activities.
We may summarize what Digital Commerce is in 4 points:

  • Online buying

  • Online selling
  • Media subscriptions (i.e., i tunes)

  • Buying and selling “virtual merchandise” for online games