VidyaSchooling is complete school automation software that manages and simplifies daily school tasks. This product eliminates duplication of work and effectively manages the entire school administration tasks. This product helps an institute to meet their all administrative and academic tasks, reducing the manpower requirement, cost and waste of time. So that administrator, teachers, and office bearers can maximize their efficiency.

VidyaSchooling is the software developed by Universal Technical Group Pvt. Ltd located in Damak Neapl. We have a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals working to meet the client requirements and we always care for the needs of the users and fulfilling their requirements.

Our mission is to provide the clients with complete user-friendly software for school automation.

VidyaSchooling covers the imperative modules like Student, Staff, Examination, Hostel, Transport, Fee and Accounting management. The software generates various reports based on each module. The reports can be customized according to the user needs. The administrator can set the user rights for each user according to the user role. The users can access only areas that are privileged to them. This ensures more security and safety. VidyaSchooling software assists the users in their every-day work by making it more flexible and ease.